One Russian Dating Agency that provides actual Single Russian Girls Phone Numbers and Single Russian Girls Email Addresses

Most of the more reputable Russian dating and marriage agencies like Anastasia or Behappy2Day International provide the ability to communicate via phone calls but it is usually done in an indirect and private manner. The Russian marriage agency acts as the middle man for phone calls between you and the Russian ladies to maintain privacy for you and her and as an added way to make money for the Russian/Ukraine agency. The way it usually works is let the Russian agency know of your interest in talking over the phone with a Russian lady from their site. It takes the agency 24 hours or so to set up the phone call. The agency will charge a flat rate per minute for the phone call, usually somewhere around $1.99 per minute.

There is one Russian-Ukraine dating marriage agency where you actually get the single Russian girls real email address and phone numbers though and believe it or not it is the least expensive of the Russian agencies that provide this - Elenas Russian Models!

Join Elena's 6 month Platinum plan at $83 per month. You can instantly download direct email addresses and phone numbers of Russian Ukraine women - email her or call her RIGHT NOW, don't wait until she logs into the site! Your profile is kept at TOP of search results position in searches, so more women will see your profile and write to you. You also get UNLIMITED contacts (contact any woman on the site, as many women as you want). That monthly payment of $83 is all inclusive - meaning you never have to pay per minutes charges for anything at all. $83 gets you everything.

To view the membership options for Elenas Russian models (which start at the price of FREE) go to Elenas Russian Models web site here and at the top of the page you will see the menu pictured below. Click the Services link.

Image of Elenas Russian Models menu strip showing menu item to click to see membership plans.

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