How and where to find and meet Tall Russian Brides

image of very tall Russian women who would make a great bride.

There are plenty of tall Russian women on the Russian and Ukraine marriage agencies. To find the Tall Russian ladies simply conduct an advanced search specifying the height range of the Russian lady you want to meet and marry.

Below are screen images of the results of searches conducted at the three major Russian marriage and tour agencies Anastasia, Elenas Models, and Behappy2day International. The search that was conducted was Ukraine or Russian women over 5'11" tall.

Here is a screen image of the results of a search of Tall Russian women on Russian Anastasia dating site. The search turned 160 results of Russian ladies 5'11" or taller.

search results for tall Russian women at Anastasia.


Here is a screen image of the same search, Russian or Ukraine ladies 25-40 yrs old, 5'11" or taller at Behappy2day International. Although the height of these tall Russian women is not shown in the search results it is revealed when you click their picture to view their profile detail. Most of the ladies were in the 5'11"-6'1" range.

behappy2day Russian Ukraine dating site search results for tall women.


Here is a screen image of the same search, Russian or Ukraine ladies 25-40 yrs old, 5'11" or taller at Elenas Russian Models. Again the height is not shown in the search results until you click on a ladies picture to see details of her profile and the height of most of the search results is in the 5'11"-6'2" range.

image of search results for tall women from elenas Russian models.


With all three Russian marriage dating agencies we found the number of search results increased dramatically if the height of the women search for was reduced from 5'11"+ down to 5'6"+. It all comes down to what you consider tall in a Russian woman and what you like.

Another thing we noticed is that in almost all of the women in the tall women search at all three of these Russian Agencies the added height was legs! ;)

Anastasia | Elenas Models | Behappy2day International

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